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To create your account, check pricing, and place orders
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First log-in only:
In the upper right corner, click on "Create Account". Fill in all required information, and make note of your username and password. These are specific to you only, not everyone who accesses the bid. I will receive notification, assign your account to the appropriate bid pricing, and email you back once set up is complete. This is the only time you will have to complete this step.

Log in: In the upper right corner, click on "Log in"(with the username and password you chose). You will automatically access YOUR bid pricing, without having to enter in a prefix, i.e. "A-" or "P-". You will also be able to find discounted pricing for any other brands and products we carry (over 60,000 items).

Item search and order placement: Type a part number, or partial part number, into the search bar. Relevant products will appear below, with special BID pricing signified by the word "CONTRACT". Click "Add to Cart" to add just quantity 1, or specify a quantity to add another quantity to your cart.

Check out: In upper right hand corner, click on "My cart" > "Check out". Review Ship to and Bill to, and specify a PO# or credit card (depending on what your bid allows). You will receive a confirmation of your order to the email address specified.

Other features: Feel free to look around the site. You will be able to create lists of commonly ordered products, view previous orders, and view images of products to confirm you are ordering the correct item.